Can You Dig It?

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We play against Tampa Bay Tech tomorrow. If we lose... I have lost all faith in Chamberlain. "/

Alright, if anyone wants to make clothes donations to me, that would be greatly appreciated. Considering I'm a bum and I need clothes. Pants= size 0 & shirts= small or medium. Seriously-call me! I need some fuckin' clothes, man. [760-4588]

O.K. bye!
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Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster

So yesterday was Pow Wow. It was O.K.
The game was awesome. I don't know who won yet because I left early. But, I'll find out later.
After the game Kylie and Katie came over. We watched some of Pulp Fiction. hAwT.

PS: So I found out everyone hates me on LJ. Ain't that a bitch?
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I Treat Tha Humma Like A Tonka Toy.

And if you come my way, its g'on be gun play...

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Holy shit. My parents go out of town AGAIN this weekend and Stephanie, Andrea, Kylie, Vince and maybe Matt are all coming over. Wow, I have the biggest smile on my face right now. Oh snap. I can't wait to just go in my back yard and chill. Listen to music. Talk. Mm hm. You know what I'm saying. :DDD
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Interests: + · · · bikini's + ocean + surf + abercrombie minis + hot guys + beaches + tans + late nites + sunglasses + flip flops + shorts + blasting music + capris + skirts + abercrombie and fitch + tanks + t's + glitter + shells + toe rings + slumber parties + junk food + sleeping in + movies + lemonade + no school + theme parks + mall + AIM + crushes + phone calls + ice cream = summer

(Dude... my friend and I saw this on a journal. Oh maaan...is she 9???)


I Bet You Want The Goodies.

Hey! So, Kyle dumped me... what else is new?
Anyway, I might be posting wayyy hot pictures soon. If I figure out this new computer and new camera shit. Man, tough work. I know.

Fuckin' Chief Pride. Kick it up to that "A" notch. biAtch.
Yeah, Kylie and I are going to the JV game tomorrow. Oh snap. I'm bringing my pom poms too. Thats way too hot for you to even handle.


Peace. ♥

Vince is hott. Facial hair. Mm hm... thats good.
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Hey Its me Kyle, Brandys Computer is bootleg as she would say so she asked me to update for her. SOOOO I AM. This Thurs is our 3 months and i am soo happy we made it this far. And on SAT its Brandy's B-DAY so we are going to the Dali Museum and were gonna hang out all day. I am Looking foward 2 it and its gonna be REALLY REALLY KOOOOL!(german accent) And BRANDY is HOTT! ok

PEACE AuT!!!!!